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Emerging strategic cooperation in Blue Growth – 21. – 22. June 2016

schaeffer  |  4. Juli 2016

Maritime stakeholders from the North Sea region met in late June in The Hague, Netherlands for the strategic cooperation on Blue Growth in the North Sea region. The event has been organized by the European Commission and hosted by the province of Zuid-Holland.

Malena Ripken participated in this event and took part in an interactive workshop on joint priorities and market opportunities. Of particular importance has been the identification of topics, such as ‘innovative cross-sector solutions with multi-use application`. Blue Growth is the EU strategy to support economic change and competitiveness through marine innovation in the maritime.

Joint discussions on strategic cooperation in Blue Growth in The Hague – picture credits: Malena Ripken

First NorthSEE Partner Meeting in Copenhagen – 13. – 14. June 2016

schaeffer  |  4. Juli 2016

Christian Aden and Malena Ripken recently participated in the first NorthSEE partner meeting in Copenhagen to get discussion started on transnational coordination in Maritime Spatial Planning in the North Sea region. This has been the first official meeting, after two previous informal kick-off´s in Hamburg.

The European project NorthSEE is funded through Interreg with partners from academia and national authorities from seven partner countries across the North Sea. The three main work packages, namely shipping, environment and energy have been discussed to gather first steps towards the identification of synergies and mismatches with regard to coherent and coordinated national Maritime Spatial Plans across the sea basin.

Further information about the NorthSEE project can be found on the website

North Sea family meets at Annual Conference – 15. – 17. June 2016

schaeffer  |  4. Juli 2016

This year’s North Sea Conference with about 350 participants took place in Billund, Denmark. Leena Karrasch, Gerard McGovern and Malena Ripken participated in behalf of COAST and three associated Interreg projects (FRAMES, COBEN, NorthSEE), which already have been funded, or are in the application phase.

Different workshops, including topics such as ‘Sustainable North Sea Region’, as well as short study tours were offered. Our staff members were able to network, explore new ideas and meet with current and future project partners. Additionally, they got a comprehensive view on current priorities, policy perspectives and new approaches. The conference was organized by the North Sea region Programme and the North Sea Commission.

NorthSEE partners from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in Billund - picture credits: Malena Ripken

Field trip to FRAMES pilot site in Vejle – picture credits: Leena Karrasch

Field trip to FRAMES pilot site in Vejle – picture credits: Leena Karrasch

Student Excursion

schaeffer  |  14. Juni 2016

This year excursion of the Double Degree Water and Coastal Management students supervised by Leena Karrasch made the students familiar with diverse issues of integrated coastal zone management. We visited unique places like the swimming peat area in Sehestedt and of course the Wadden Sea national park. On the Island of Spiekeroog we discovered different forms of coastal protection – from hard measures such as dikes, groynes, sea walls, sheet piles to soft measures like dune, beach and salt marsh management.

WORKSHOP: “Societal relevance of (coastal) biodiversity change“

schaeffer  |  10. Juni 2016

Venue: Wilhelmshaven, Terramare
Time slot: 26th – 29th of September 2016

The European Union funded Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Europeanizing Coastal Regions (EuCoRe)” and the ministry of science and culture (MWK) of Lower Saxony funded Research Training Group IBR “Interdisciplinary approach to functional biodiversity research” are inviting students (master and PhD) to participate in a workshop titled “Societal relevance of (coastal) biodiversity change“ at the University of Oldenburg from September 26th – 30th 2016. The aim of the workshop will be to provide a platform for discussion and interaction of 30 graduate students from the field of biodiversity, climate change and economic ecology with a panel of invited international experts. The workshop will focus on the following main topics:

Day 1 (26.9.): Biodiversity under climate change

Day 2 (27.9.): Spatial movements in coastal areas: Species and Humans

Day 3 (28.9.): Economic and societal consequences of biodiversity change

Day 4 (29.9.): Management strategies for biodiversity and humans

Interested candidates are asked to apply with a brief (one page) application stating their particular interest in the workshop and the relevance to their field of study. Please send your applications till August 1st to the IBR coordinator Sebastian Schmidt-Roach (


EUCC-D Küsten Newsletter 1/2016

schaeffer  |  8. Februar 2016

Der neue Küsten Newsletter ist da:

Parks of the Future. Protected Areas in Europe Challenging Regional and Global Change”

schaeffer  |  29. Januar 2016

ZENARiO Bericht 2015

schaeffer  |  29. Januar 2016

Lesen Sie jetzt den Zenario Bericht 2015.

CERM-ESA 1st Newsletter

schaeffer  |  29. Januar 2016


Nachhaltiges Energiesystem: Welche Bioenergie brauchen wir?

schaeffer  |  22. Dezember 2015

vom 22. – 24. Februar 2016

Evangelische Akademie Loccum in Kooperation mit Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien

Finden Sie anbei das Programm sowie weitere Veranstaltung der Tagung zu einem nachhaltigen Energiesystem, an der auch Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Pehlken, Leiterin der Nachwuchsforschergruppe Cascade Use, mitwirkt.